Kingston Futures Conference / 27 June 2017 / Rose Theatre, KT1 1HL

Hardwiring Culture into Kingston’s Growth

Hardwiring Culture into Kingston’s Growth

Day 1
27 Jun 2017

Kingston’s Cultural Offer

How Kingston’s forthcoming Cultural Strategy will underpin its economic development to deliver Good Growth.
Charlie Adan

Place Making for People

What role does place-making play in improving the Kingston experience to preserve and enhance the borough’s rich heritage and unique culture? How do people – residents, occupiers and tourists –...
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Janie Harland
Denizer Ibrahim
Ben Lee
Robin Hutchinson
Mark Davy
Steven Spier
Peter Murray

Shaping Kingston

How can architecture encourage culture, preserve heritage and shape place? How do architects work toward and in support of cultural or placemaking masterplans?
Dominic Chapman
Hiro Aso
Gregory Fonseca
Tim Tolcher
Russell Pedley
Peter Murray