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Pledge for ballot and affordable housing on Cambridge Road Estate

Kingston Council has pledged to given residents of the Cambridge Road Estate a ballot on the final regeneration scheme, and to ensure that half the project will be affordable housing.

The Norbiton estate is to be regenerated and all 853 homes currently on site will be replaced, with 1,200 potentially built in total. The huge scheme has Greater London Authority Housing Zone status with a funding allocation of £44.425 million consisting of: £26.625million repayable loan and £17.8million affordable housing capital grant funding.

The ballot is voluntary as there is no requirement for it to be undertaken. However, in papers for the full council meeting in the Guildhall on July 17 when the issue was discussed, the council states it wants to “ensure residents are at the heart of decision-making, rather than on the sidelines observing and believing their voice is not heard”.

The ballot will demonstrate a clear mandate for the project, and is likely to be held once the developer partner is selected and the masterplanning exercise sufficiently advanced so residents have a complete picture of
the proposed scheme.

The council has also pledged to re-provide all existing social rented homes on the estate and to ensure that all leaseholders that wish to stay on the estate are able to do so. All secure council tenancies will be guaranteed too.

The issue was tabled for debate at the council meeting following te submission of a petition on 17 April entitled ‘Homes for the Many on Cambridge Road Estate: demand for 50% more social housing and a residents’ ballot on final regeneration proposals’. It had been submitted by Phil Bevin on behalf of the Kingston and Surbiton Labour Party and as it had received over 500 signatures needed to be debated according to council policy.